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POP Toys Macbeth with Two Heads

Macbeth is the protagonist of the famous play Macbeth written by Shakespeare. The story tells of the general Macbeth, the cousin of King Duncan of Scotland, who came back from fighting against the invasion. He met three witches on the way. The witch prophesied to him that he would become king of Scotland, but he had no offspring to inherit the throne. Instead, the descendants of his colleague general Banquo would to be king. Bolstered by his wife’s words,Macbeth killed Duncan and became king. In order to prevent others from seizing the throne, he killed Duncan's bodyguard, Banquo, the wife and child of Macduff. Fear and suspicion made Macbeth become more and more cold-blooded.
$189.99 $179.99

TBLeague Super Flexible Seamless 1/6 Female Large Bust Pale Body Series with Stainless Steel Skeleton

Members that we classify under 5th generation! New physique, strong legs but still feminine! The leg muscles are not in clods (the bulky way), but shows strength in a soft, smooth and streamlined way. Chances are that you have seen this body type already. It has been used for many of our best sellers, like Demon Huntress, Arhian the Head Huntess and Spartan Captain. You can see from the pics that the body has really large breasts, wasp waist, and the legs long, well-proportioned, strong but with graceful shape. Note: their woman secret parts are not very realistic/detailed. Head sculpts are not included.
$64.99 $61.99

Phicen Limited Dawn’s 30th Anniversary

Packing List: 1 x head sculpt 1 x TBLeague 1/6 female seamless body with metal skeleton 3 pairs x interchangeable hands with gloves 1 x neck armor 1 x chest armor 1 x helmet 1 x mask 1 pair x shoulder armors 1 pair x armbands 1 pair x forearm armors 1 x waist armor 1 pair x leg armors 2 x long swords with sheaths 1 x short sword with sheath 1 pair x boots 1 x headband 1 x bodysuit 1 x belt 1 x red rope
$159.99 $151.99

Phicen Limited Seamless Male Figure Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton

Product Includes: M33 male super flexible seamless body with metal skeleton Interchangeable hands *6pcs/3pairs Removable flat-heeled feet *1pair Feet connector/adaptor *2pcs/1pair Shorts *1pc wrist band *1pair Ankle support *1pair Headsculpt not included
$74.99 $71.99

Coo Model Date Masamune Masterpiece Unique Version

The 1/6th scale Date Masamune (MASTERPIECE UNIQUE VERSION)Collectible Figure specially features: – One (1) realistic head sculpture of Date Masamune with fabric hair – One (1) super action body – Six (6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms Costumes: – One (1) white headband – One (1) white underwear – One (1) dark blue coat – One (1) black waist band – One (1) pair of dark blue trousers – One (1) pair of black socks with sandals – One(1) dark blue war vest – One (1) black eyepatch Armors: – One (1) black helmet – One (1) black mask – One (1) black neck armor – One (1) suit of black armor – One (1) pair of blacke vambraces – One (1) pair of black cuishes – One (1) pair of black jambeaus – One (1) gold and white armor tie – One (1) pair of iron sandals Weapons: – One (1) katana (long sword) – One (1) katana scabbard – One (1) wakizashi (short sword) – One (1) wakizashi scabbard – One (1) red duster Accessories: – One (1) black figure stand – One (1) armor stand – One (1) armor box – One (1) katana stand – One (1) duster stand – Two (2) flag stands – One (1) white flag – One (1) dark blue flag – One (1) wood screen with two suits of interchangeable magnetic-attached surfaces – One (1) wood display-base * The armor is built of manually-attched clips, over 60% of parts are made of pure cooper * Alloy weapons are none-glue connected, freely dissembled and assembled
$409.99 $389.99

Coo Model Date Masamune Masterpiece Version

The 1/6th scale Date Masamune (Masterpiece Version) Collectible Figure specially features: – One (1) realistic head sculpture of Date Masamune with fabric hair – One (1) super action body. – Six (6) Pieces of Interchangeable Palms. Costumes: – One (1) white headband. – One (1) white underwear. – One (1) dark blue coat. – One (1) black waist band. – One (1) pair of dark blue trousers. – One (1) pair of black socks with sandals. – One (1) dark blue war vest. – One (1) black eyepatch. ...
$339.99 $323.99