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Original Effect Army Attractive Cello 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Cello sculpture, Reborn body, Military cap, Overcoat, Underclothes, Underpants, Reaphook, Chain
$133.50 $124.99

Original Effect Army Attractive Lilith 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Lilith sculpture, Reborn body ), Lilith`s cloth, High heel shoes
$125.99 $118.99

Original Effect Army Attractive Lois 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Lois sculpture, Reborn body, Lois`s cloth, High heel shoes
$125.99 $118.99

Original Effect Bloodline Lilo·I 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Head *1, Body *1, Headdresses *1 Pair, Sword *1, Elbow guard *1, Hands*2 Pair, Lilo·I’s outfit
$129.99 $121.99

Original Effect The Experimental ZWEI 1/6 Scale

Product Specification: Designed by Japanese “Masahiro Shimamoto”, Experimental – ZWEI * 1, Features Removable Joints for Easy Assemble and Disassemble
$62.99 $58.99

ZC World ASTRO BOY Master Series 13

30cm Tall Costume included Limited Edition Material: PVC © Tezuka Productions
$54.99 $50.99