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3A threeA John Rambo III Sylvester Stallone

Product Specifications: - 12 inches (~30cm) custom designed action figure body - The head sculpt features a realistic likeness of actor Sylvester Stallone - Black bandana - Jade pendant - Military jacket - Tank top - Military watch - Military pants - Belt - Boots - Military bag - Exchangeable hands • One pair of fists • One right holding gun • One left holding gun • One right holding knife • One left holding arrow • One right holding bow Weapons: • Compound bow with quiver & 5 arrows • C4 explosive x 1 • Boot dagger x 1 • Survival knife with sheath x 1 • AK with M203 grenade launcher • RPG-7 launcher ? In development, not final. Final product may vary from prototype images.
$199.99 $189.99

Acplay Universe Superhuman with Two Heads

Product Includes: Ordinary head *1 Universe head *1 Body *1 Combat costume *1 Red belt *1 Red glove hands *1 pair Long combat boots *1 pair Fire effect accessories *2 Holder *1
$179.99 $168.99

Add Toys Seek Wolf

Product features: Head sculpture *1pc Plastic body *1set Hand shape *8pc Underwear *1pc Coat *1pc Waist belt *1pc Skirt *1pc Socks *1 pair Shoes *1 pair Necklace *1pc Collar *1pc Handbag *1pc Ring *2pc Silver Bracelet *1pc Leather Bracelet *1pc Samurai sword *1pc Base *1pc
$139.99 $133.99

Add Toys War Wolve Muscle Version

Product features: Head sculpture * 1pc Head sculpture * 1pc Plastic body * 1set Hand shape * 8pc Jack wolfskin *2pc Belt *1pc Socks *1pair Shoes *1pair Samurai sword *1pc Base *1pc
$179.99 $169.99

Add Toys War Wolve Suit Version

Product features: Head sculpture *1pc Plastic body *1 set (World Box) Hand shape *8pc Jack wolfskin *2pc Vest *1pc Shirt *1pc Necktie *1pc Suit *1pc Windbreaker *1pc Belt *1pc Skirt *1pc Socks *1 pair Shoes *1 pair Samurai sword *1pc Base *1 pc
$179.99 $169.99

Art Figures Atlas Boxed Figure

The 1/6th Scale Atlas Collectible Figure Specially Features: 1. Authentic and detailed likeness of Atlas in the ocean 2. Newly developed head sculpt with movie-accurate facial expression with detailed skin texture and beard 3. Newly designed figure with detailed tattoo 4. Approximately 33cm tall 5. Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulation
$172.99 $162.99